Elisabeth R. Suter Cázares is a visual artist and designer rooted in Mexico City, formed in Zurich and living wherever.  Contact / Instagram / Vimeo


How does the internet influence our lives? How do people cope with isolation and loneliness? What is actually important in life?

At the beginning stages of the project, I wanted to focus on performativity around graphic design, based on the argument that shared human experiences are the most effective method of leaving a mark on someone. Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. What I had just defined as the centerpiece for the project seemed with each passing day less realisable. As daily life was more and more forced on to our screens, so was my project. It evolved into a visual extrapolation of our reality in isolation for the future, 200 years from now. The access to the internet, the ever more seamless integration of our devices in daily life: Will it ever be enough in giving us a sense of togetherness and community? Will we be able to trick ourselves into a "better" reality?
These circumstances have changed our lives in more ways we might realize. Let us be thankful for the experiences we gathered in the past, let us live the present moment and grow in this contemplation time. But also, let us look forward to the day where we can gather again, countless bodies moving as one.

Visual Communication ZHdK BA Diploma 2020


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